Monday, April 16, 2012

First Taste, notes from the Rogue


Finally got wet for the first time in 2012.  Feeling the stoke of a day's end session...perfect for the year's first taste of the Atlantic's salt.  Very nice.  Not much in wave action.  Pretty mushy as a matter of fact.  But the air was warm despite the strong (20 kt.) on-shore winds, and the water- a very tolerable mid-50's.  Boots and gloves of course.  Got me a couple of short rights ending in backwash.  Left me wanting.  I look forward to the surf cleaning up and building.  Maybe later this week.

Knee high mush, 5/15

   As first tastes go, this post's featured beer is Dogfish Head Immort Ale, an English Strong Ale that boasts a big 11% alcohol volume with the promise of an immortal buzz after a couple of 'em... the 50 IBUs attracted me.  Really.  This one poured a burnt orange color with a one finger head.  Brewed with maple syrup from Sam of Dogfishs' family farm, and aged in oak barrels. I could smell the smokiness of oak but tasted more boozy honey than maple.  Some may feel overly sweet, but not me (course I like coffee with my sugar). Slight bitterness but crisp from the hops...more smoke than citrus though. While I'm not big on the smokey beers, this one would go well with BBQ.  I rated it a C+/B-.


                                                     "I have respect for beer."
                                                      -Russell Crowe

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