Friday, March 30, 2012

Chance Favors the Prepared, notes from the Rogue


    Stripped the wax to get to a ding or two and found a ding or two more.  No worries; my board director takes care of me... Chauncey comes thru any time I need a repair.  Whether it's a hammered hole left by an irate ex, a cracked rail from a nasty drop, or a couple of dings, his shop does a top notch job at a very reasonable cost.  Good group.


Clean deck!
   Spring has indeed sprung....much earlier than usual...righteous.    The water's at 50, but weather and waves have not been in sync.  Boards are ready. I'm more ready than last year as off season workouts have included much more core and balance work. Chance favors the prepared and I'm of a mind to shred some mookie.

3/29 Mini-mookie...but it's callin'
   My latest swig was of Southern Tier's Iniquity, Imperial Black Ale.  Actually a black IPA that pours blacker than black at 9%ABV and 93 IBUs, light tan finger plus head with thick lacing.  This one is badass!  The bomber delivers a taste of nutty dark malts and sweet coffee with a buzz from first to the last drop. Creamy and smooth with a hop bite, it left me cravin' another.  Grade A for real!
"There are better things in life than alcohol,
but alcohol makes up for not having them."

-Terry Pratchett

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