Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pump It, the Rogue's notes

"Turn up the radio. Blast your stereo.  Right now!" -Black Eyed Peas.     47th Street going off.  10/18.2014

   Saturday. All day. Fresh off Bermuda Gonzalo was bringing it. Pumpin' out one A-Frame after another. The sets would come every twenty minutes or so. Sittin' at work in the morning, I couldn't wait to get out and head down to the beach.
Sick. Need I say more? Ok...I will. Water around 68F. Air in lower 70s. The rips and a northbound sideshore current kept me busy in the lineup which had quite a few bros, but not overly crowded. Easy to get out, that was for real. Everyone shared. Hell there were plenty to share. Wore a shorty, however the endless opportunities to get barreled or slammed kept me plenty warm. Still working the math as to which number was higher...the times I looked stylin' or the times I totally kooked it. Don't think no one was counting. As the pics show,  no shortage of stoke today!
Opened up to a closing barrel. 10/18/2014
   Follow up for the day's incredible session. Two awesome beers. Local Burley Oak has put out one mean sour. Tart Attack. Now this is a style I'm still wrapping my head around. Low IBUs at 18 making it very refreshing and a mid-range ABV at 6.2% making it very dangerous. Poured a dense cloudy rusty red with a half finger head.  Tart cherry aroma. Tart cherry taste. Rated a cherry B+.

  One of my favorite craft brewers out there is Ballast Point Brewing.  Everything they do tastes golden. Many don't agree, but I think it is THE best Oktoberfest Marzen out there. Dead Ringer. Poured a dark copper-brown with a finger and a half head. Light hop bite without strong citrus. Earthy aromas. Hints of toasted malt and toffee for a slightly sweet, full bodied, nutty taste. Rated this an A+.
"A man who lies about beer makes
enemies."  -Stephen King
Shoulda stayed longer...

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