Thursday, June 18, 2015

Shedding, the Rogue's notes.

No more boots 'n gloves. 66F and chopped slop. 46th Street, 6/11/2015

  The Solstice is fast approaching. and with it I have finally got to shed some of this rubber. Slower than usual this year. Little cooler. Little slower to warm. Either way, I am grateful to get wet. Grateful to snag the sweet morsels I've ridden so far. Guess my point here is I'm doing the traditional misdirect from the sub par swell the O. City coast has experienced the last couple of weeks. Rephrase: for the opportunities I've been able to take advantage of so far, the swell has been pretty fu#king small. Like in the knee to thigh range...rarely more than waist. Yesterday's thigh high, squally backsides had no power, so I took advantage of the steeper near-waist faces to the right. Not extreme, but with high tide the break was so close to shore. Something to be said about the adrenaline rush associated with the shoreline rushing at you from a few yards out. The threat of a faceplant on the beach'll do that. On my piece of the right coast, I get used to this. However, I'm getting waves. Grateful.
Gettin' the shortie on; 69F water. Swingin' a hard bottom to avoid a smackdown- two yards from Holiday's shore. 66th St. 6/17/2015

   So far I've been shedding the heavier dark warmers as well. Couple more coolers extinguishing the sweat of summer workouts and lawn mowing. OC Brewing Company's Route 50 American Pale Ale. Kind of a malt forward, grainy pale ale with plenty of hoppiness in the finish. Strong malt aromas in this one, not too much of the citrus you usually get in pale ales. Pours a clear amber with a khaki two finger head. 5.5% alcohol means more than one. Rated it a B-. 
"I don't understand why so many of you are
unhappy.  They sell beer where you are, 
don't they?"                 -Anon.

Fordham Brewing's Sunseeker Wheat is a nice summer brew. Smells of light clove and orange with a semi-sweet taste that featured hints of banana. Pours a cloudy dark gold with a finger thick, white head. Lacing that lingers. Lighter beer at 5% ABV with little bitterness at 11 IBUs. Rated a B.

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