Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dry Spell, notes from the Rogue

"When will it rain, I feel the heat burning through my shoes
Soft shoulders are getting harder, adding to my blues."

   Really feelin' this dry spell I'm in. Watching the surf cams. Clean. Sloppy. Waist to head. Knee-hi's. Whether the surf's up or not, this distance...inability to even get wet...has me down. Now Standard Time has set in. Pretty definite that I won't see any action before the Spring. Hell, I'm fighting just to schedule a glimpse of Miss Atlantic's coastline this next trip. The distance is definitely felt. Don't get me wrong. I'm psyched about the wedding coming up. Right on the Chesapeake. Stoked. No second thoughts on this decision whatsoever. Gonna be a great time. We do this for us. We do this for family. But, I surf for me. Haven't done it much this year. Kinda bluesy. So I sit back. Contemplate. Cigar in one hand, Bloody Mary in the other. Chaser brew in the frig. Fade them blues away. At least fuzzy 'em up a bit.

  An appropriate brew. Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale. A Founders Brewing Company wee heavy that pours a very cloudy dark brown with ruby tints. Thick, one and a half finger brownish-tan head. Solid lacing. Aromas of molasses, almonds, and chocolate. Flavor has a nice combination of nuts and fruit. Malt, raisins, and toffee up front with a badass bastard's fill of hops to the tune of 50 IBUs, for a bitter-sweet resiny pine finish in the back. Stands up to it's discript "wee heavy" style. At 8.5% a little boozy...will blurr the blues in a heartbeat! Rated an A-.
Lonely break...the toll of Standard Time.  11/2016

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