Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cubbies and Old Style, notes from the Rogue

   No surf last weekend.  But, my Girl being of the sporting mind and a huge Chicago Cubs fan, took me to historic Wrigley Field to catch the unfortunately woeful (but lovable) Cubs play and lead most of the day only to lose to the Reds in the last two innings.  We had a great time though, and to be in the same home (since 1916) as Ron Santo, Ferguson Williams and Ernie Banks was true reverence.  Wrigleyville was a blast, Clark Street just lined with bar after bar after bar...some historic themselves. Awesome birthday. Totally stoked!

Historic Cubby Bear


   No Chicago baseball game would be complete without a stadium hot dog and an ice cold Old Style.  Originally brewed by G. Heilemann Brewing (now owned by Pabst), Old Style is brewed using a double fermentation process known as Kraeusening. Pouring a clear straw yellow color with a thick 2 finger head.  A bland taste, cheap beer smell, but very crisp finish... perfect for the occasion, but not an everyday choice to be sure.  4.7% ABV, approximate 10 IBUs.  I rate this classic a B for a baseball game, and a C- as a stand-alone.
"What I like about beer is that you basically
just drink it and order more."
                                                     -Dave Barry

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