Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dew's and Don'ts, notes from the Rogue


Carnival time
   Good and bad to venture down to MD's Right Coast this week.  The Dew Tour was in town featuring BMX Vert and Skate Vert.  The set-up was incredible taking up almost 5 full blocks on the beach with plenty for freebies to partake of.  Now at some point they were having a surf competition as well.  Don't lthink it was happenin.' Our wave action in town was pretty lame the entire week.  Ankle to knee beach break...very poor conditions.  I went down Thursday evening.  High tide, warm (still in mid-70s). Couldn't buy a ride. Sometimes Mother N. just don't wanna put out.  From what I hear and read however, the nationally televised Tour was very successful, both for the town and Mountain Dew.
Don't dew it, 8/16

   The evening's offering was Rogue Brewing's Juniper Pale Ale.  A tribute to my recently fallen (though not a Juniper) tree in the front yard.  Made with real Juniper berries, though I wasn't tasting any huge difference... maybe a slight spice.  At 34 IBUs, not a real hop bite but a piney enough nose (may be the berries).  Poured a hazy light amber with slightly more than a finger head and decent lacing.  A 5.3% ABV makes this a very refreshing, drinkable Pale.  If it came in a six I'd get a six.  As it was, 22oz. made do.  I rated it a B.
July storm damage
"In wine there is wisdom.  In beer there is
strength.  In water there is bacteria."

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