Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Low Knees - Sweet Night, notes from the Rogue

Clean start, 8/7

Still managed to snap a leash...lame.
   Was cloudy all day.  Even a little rain.  When evening came and I was off work heading to the beach the sun came out.  It is going to be a sweet night.  And it was. Sweet.  Not much to brag about in terms of swell, but with low tide settled in and some semi clean left and right knee highs (light bump) I was able to bang 'em out like a mini assembly line...at first.  Eventually it became a bit mushy,  a little bit harder to judge, and last night's gym time was wearin' down on me.  Those are my excuses, and I'm stickin' to 'em.  Sweet night, like I said.
Tons 'o gawkers
6x catch 'n release


    Stopped by the White Marlin Open on my way outta town.  243 of 253 boats fished today.  You'd think it'd be a banner day.  Not so.  Not much.  But the place was crowded that's for damn sure!
Tournament namesake

Tuuuuuuner steak tonight!

Shimmers when caught - Mahi Mahi
   A lot of whites released, a couple brought in, a few Mahi's, a couple of BIG tuna's (love them steaks!), and a Wahoooo. Some bitch, that place was crowded.  Stayed long enough to catch an incredible OC sunset, then busted ass outta there.

   Tonight's swig is Star Hill Brewery's The Love, a wheat beer/hef  that was actually very good.  I've gotten away from Wheats as many began tasting similar to Blue Moon Belgian White, but this one had  notes of sweet banana and orange with a hint of pepper that charged through to balance out the citrus and sweet.  Poured a hazy gold with an almost two-finger head.  Light lacing that dissipated quickly. ABV of 4.6% with only 9 IBUs, but regardless of the lack of bite still very smooth. B+ for this one.
"It's always nice to share The Love."
                                                - Starr Hill

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