Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hand Of Joaquin, the Rogue's notes.

The far reaching hand of Joaquin. 10/2/2015

   Being out in the Midwest, one might think that an East Coast hurricane would not affect too much concern. Joaquin poured a lotta rain on the central and southern portions of the east through the weekend. Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, Delaware, and yes, Maryland. My only apprehension was of the ‘Bury homestead. My neighbor had it under control. But, Joaquin’s hand was far reaching, and Chicago’s lakefront was showing signs of irritation. Working downtown at the end of last week, I swung south on Lake Shore Drive to eyeball the potential surf conditions. High winds. Cooler temps. Overcast. Coulda’ made an argument I suppose. Surfed somewhat similar slop out east. But, this woulda’ been like trying to cleave my way thru a boiling cauldron. Pinball Wizard style. I’m still thinking about the opportunity. As waves on the Lake Michigan (and the rest of the Great Lakes for that matter) are dependent on fetch and wind speed, the right storm with the right track could produce the right opportunity in the future. Ahhh, hurricane season.

                                                    Inlet jetty under assault. 10/3/2015                                 -Dispatch photos

OC Pier taking on another beating.

Flooding from the storm tides overtook parts of downtown (here...Edgewater Ave.), and West Ocean City
Pressed by the approaching Cat 3/4 'cane, the Atlantic charged in encroaching on the coastal dune line. 10/2/2015

The hand of Joaquin could be felt clear to Lake Michigan.
Science Dr., Chicago. 10/2/2015

LaSalle Dr., Chicago. 10/2/2015
   Lake Louie Brewing, Arena, WI. A new midwest brewery (for me) pursuing world class IPA conditions. Kiss-the-lips is an India Pale sportin’ 6.0% ABV to put one in the right A-Frame of mind to chase hurricanes. Like Joaquin, this clear amber pour whips up a squall, with a very thick, foamy, three-finger, off white head. Floral and citrus aromas lead to an almost Belgian like taste. The malts mix it up well, but the hops (54 IBUs) finish this off the hook, with a lightly bitter, crisp bite. Rated an A-. Git one!
"It's hard to kiss the lips at night
that chew your ass out all day long."
-LL Brewing

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