Sunday, October 4, 2015

Seasick, notes from the Rogue

"When I'm all alone, I'm thinkin' about the ocean; dreams are filled with
 sand, sea, and waves."          -Shore Thing, R.L. Ashcraft 
Holiday's, 66th Street 9/27/2015             

   All week the weather and surf reports fluctuated. Rain. No rain. Head. Double overhead. Less than head. Hoped for the best. Prepared mentally, for the hard $hit. I was turned back twice, more from frustration by fatigue than by impossibility. Rethought my method twice. Used a different strategy each time. And got out into the line-up twice. Pulled the BZ card. The high pressure system from up north pressing the Right Coast with all sorts of nor'east chop. Last Sunday's conditions. As hard as I fought to get out using a bodyboard and fins, I knew there was no way I'd have gotten out on the Shell. With head to higher swell, the trip into the lineup slammed one after another on my head. By the time I got past the break my lungs were burning. Chest heaving to suck air in. But, I can honestly say at no time did I feel panic or anxiety. More like pride; exhilaration; fulfillment.
Feeling the weight...lifting. Holidays 66th St. 9/27/2015.

"The cure for anything is
saltwater: sweat, tears or
the sea."         -Isak Dinesen

   Last week I was aware of the pain; the longing for the sea. My Eastern Shore. Homesick or seasick? Through the weekend, my fiance and I... time with family. My grand-daughter's first birthday; to finally get to see her walk. Time with my daughter and son. Time with my brothers. Time with friends. And in the end, time in the water. All helped me get past my seasickness. At least in the short term. More fixes will be needed in the future. Of that I am sure.

   A brew that celebrates the seasonal transition and cures the seasickness that ales. Pumpkin Down, a pumpkin infused Scottish Ale from Ballast Point of the surf town of San Diego. Lemme tell ya, these guys at Ballast Point know how to brew and distill pure Stoke. Poured a deep reddish orange with a finger thick tan head. Nice pumpkin and nutmeg aromas with the combined tastes of cinnamon, spice, and toffee without being overwhelming or too sweet. Nice hop backlash added a subtle bitter finish. 22 IBUs. 5.8% ABV. The best Pumpkin so far this season. Drank two or three. Rated a B+/A-.

Bad-Ass moon rising. Moon-lit break; walkin' the boards. 10/27/2015

Carvin' up the sidewalks in her walkin' shoes.
 Damn! Time flies.
 Happy Birthday Adriana!

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