Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tough Glide, the Rogue's Notes.

   Ever seen those movies where the main character seems to glide through the seasons and consequently through the years until so many years later they’ve reached the destination in time where the story concludes…preferably happily. That’s where I am at this time. My mindset. This Midwest life is tough to get high on. Sometimes it’s goin’ very cool. Job’s moving smooth. And then I’m missing the beach. Skies are gray. Time here is monotonous. Clunky. I’m not glidin’. More like the wave I’m on is sectioning big time. Short rides, or cut-short rides. Sometimes a taste of stoke. Sometimes a mouthful of salt water. Continuously forced back into the line-up to look for the next wave; my take off dependent on my ‘tude which lately, like time in the water, has been lacking. Typical of one of my frustrating true-to-kook form sessions. All about the ‘Tude. Like home. Like sales. Like life.
"Your everlasting summer; you can see it fading fast. So you grab a piece of something that you think is gonna last."                                                                                               - Steely Dan, Reelin' In The Years
W. Foster and Lake Shore Drive, Lake Michigan...ankle biters still blowin' in. 10/14/2015

   Big Bay Brewing. Shorewood, WI. Shores of Lake Michigan. Painting a picture here as to their motto: Life on the water is a little sweeter. I dig it. And I was diggin' this brew. Long Weekend IPA poured a bright orange-amber with about a finger head. Scents of resin and pine with grapefruit overtones. But the taste was full of bitter citrus and mango with a toffee sweet backbone. Enjoyed this baby. Too bad I obliterated it; barely able feel it. And, it was only one of a mixed six. Damn good stuff. Rated an A.
"Free Beer. Topless Bartenders. False
Advertising" - Sign At Roadside Dive

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