Monday, December 5, 2011

Chillin' n Drillin', notes from the Rogue-

Chillin' n Drillin', 12/4
     I've always had this surf of many I can assure you, that Christmas Eve or Christmas Day would have OCMD waters warm enough for me to surf; swell included without sayin'.  In case I've never mentioned it, that would be a 50+ degree central-east Atlantic waters and corresponding air (ie. 55-65F).  Hasn't happened yet. Yeah that's right, I hate the cold.  I have a hood.  Don't like the hood...any more than I'd like being in a headlock, which is what it feels like to me.  But, I digress.  Yesterday's surf was still low to mid 50's.  The air temps started around 60, but as the sun dropped so did the air.  Regardless of the chillin' between sets, I was in a lineup of about a half dozen with semi-clean waist plus highs barrelling thru.  Mostly left breaks. And while I saw the non-kooks grab a few rights, mine was apparently reserved for my last ride (no matter how hard I tried).  Not yet cold enough to ice-cream me so I dealt. If Lady Atlantic gives you lefts, you take lefts.  Drilled 'er...a nice neck-high backside. My first was the best of the evening...that's a good thing.  Even if my backside does suck.
Clean-up Set

The OC lit up for a Birthday Celebration


   Today got up to 66 degrees.  19 shopping days 'til Christmas.  Let's see if the trend continues, and my piece of the Right Coast can maintain.

  The evenings sampling was Sierra Nevada's 2011 Celebration Ale, an IPA for the holidays fur sure!  I tried last year's...felt it was too bitter with no balance.  Don't know if I've become more hop happy or what, but this year's was much better in my opinion. Specs read 6.8% and 65 in ABV and IBUs respectively.  65...that's a nice hop hit. Pours a deep burnt orange with a finger and a half head.  Ya got that characteristic piney/citrusy hop nose.  Some caramel malt taste with a crisp hop and somewhat surprising almond-like finish. I need a cracklin' fire is what I need!  I give this one an A-.
"I never drink water.  That's the stuff that
rusts pipes."
 - W.C. Fields

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