Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shoot the Lights Out, notes from the Rogue

   A long weekend full of stress and company layoffs, ending in speedy fashion as time does when you're able to relax mind and muscle.  A Saturday day trip to St. Michaels, MD.  An area surrounded by more waterfront property than anywheres else on the Right Coast, a Christmas celebration in a town that for 200 or so years has prided itself in its resourcefulness in fooling the British.
Big property makes for Big displays.  St. Michaels Road- 12/10.
   The long and short of the legend is that during the War of 1812 as a British fleet moved up the Chesapeake Bay, St. Michaels was targeted for its shipyards (built a schooner known as the Baltimore Clipper, known for evading blockades and outrunning foreign vessels).  After neutralizing the local battery, the fleet began bombarding the town.  

   Return fire from militia artillery batteries resulted in the fleet moving off.  Little damage occurred with the results owed to an ingenious ruse engineered by the town.  The light's were dimmed and lanterns hung in the trees beyond.  As a result of the British attempt to shoot the lights out, the town was overshot and thus spared.  The British were fooled, a claim vaunted on every piece of town literature to this day. Niiiice.
  Very cool, very quaint Eastern Shore town.  Full of history, plenty to do (including a winery and brewery which earns it many stars!), and not brought down by tourist drawing commercialism...yet.  Ya got shops, ya got bars, ya got some decent bistros.  Ya got life by the water, which is always a plus.  The town has done a nice job promoting itself, and the local businesses keep to the Eastern Shore traditions of graciousness and down home welcome.

  Did I mention they have a brewery?  Eastern Shore Brewing, located in an old Mill building, does a lot with a little.  They've won several medals in the Maryland Governor's Cup, but has not yet expanded outside their Shore sphere of influence. Talkin' with the owner, Randy Moritz, he is taking his time being careful not to expand too quickly.  Give him credit...taps are always flowin.'  They promote the beer, and they promote St. Michaels.  Always good for business.

BEER!  Git It!

The brew house stays busy behind the scenes


   Later in the evening...the beer chosen was Full Sail's Wreck the Halls Holiday Ale. Brewed as an American style IPA, this one pours a cloudy orange with plenty of hops (68 IBUs) to provide a citrus/pine intro.  A 1 finger head and well carbonated...nice lacing.  The taste was a combination of your usual clove and allspice and sweet caramel like tones but with a peppery zing that seemed to boost the 6.8% alcohol content.  The hoppy finish left me wanting.  Another sip of course!  On point holiday offering.  I give it an A-.
"I'm off for a quiet pint - followed by
fifteen noisy ones."
 -Gareth Chilcott, Athlete

Shoot the lights out?!

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