Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Twelve Days Ain't Over Yet, notes from the Rogue

Deck the Woody



  Another Christmas come and gone.  Very anticlimactic, this holiday.  Almost 2 months of celebration.  YES! that's what it is...even if some feel a little bombarded.  Ya think?  Whiners...Doubters!  All of the music, the decorations, the lights, the commotion that leads up to Christmas Day.  Even the Day itself.  Like a class, or seminar.  If you retain at least ten percent of what happened it was memorable (great for me, hopefully good for all or at least most).  Then all over.  Done.
          Christmas in Chicago with My Girl...
          skating, skyline, and a fire by the tree.  Sweet!
   Or is it?  The song says twelve days.  The Bible, history, and yes Wikipedia says they begin on Christmas Day (25th of December).  A festival known as Yuletide. So I ain't gonna undeck those halls just yet!


   Ok then, a nice ale to drink in the Yuletide with.  It's been an above average December, tempwise.  Daytime in the mid-40's.  As well in Chi-Town, the snow's been scarce (1.5in. so far compared to 16+ this time last year).  Hell, the coastal water temps have been hovering around 50deg. most of the month.  Still, have I mentioned the wind chill?  Wind kills, man!  Has kept that "feels like" temp in the high 20s to 30s.  Hence we need a sturdy warmer.  Breckenridge Brewery's Christmas Ale. 22 IBUs and 7.4% ABV.  A six of these, and you'd spend a couple of those days in a blur.  Poured a deep mahogany with a single finger tan head.  Decent lacing left as I drank.  Nice carbonation and I liked the cinnamon and molasses overtones.  Some hops were there for balance, but still a little on the malty side for me.  I rate this one a B as in But I'd drink another.
"There's nothing like a cold beer on a hot
Christmas morning."
  - Homer Simpson

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