Monday, December 19, 2011

Not a Winter Solstice Fan, notes from the Rogue

"I was just thinking... of a flaming rum punch.
No, it's not called that and it's not nearly cold enough anyway.
Wait a minute, wait a minute, I got it.  A mulled wine, heavy 
on the cinnamon and light on the cloves.  There we go, off
with you lad and look lively!"  
                         - Clarence Oddbody, It's a Wonderful Life

Last Stand, 12/18
  I went down to the beach with every intention to grab a few thigh-hi's in a last ditch December run.  The rubber was loaded including boots and gloves, towel, change of clothes.  Water temps right around the 50 mark which for me is just barely tolerable sans repeated submersion.  But this day was not rough, not big.  The sun sat beckoning in the west, but little warmth.
Come on in an' feel the clean, Holidays at 66th.
   The offshore winds out of the northeast brought in some serious frigidity.  I can do cold water but the wind, especially during this time of year, kills.  Killed my session for real.  I don't do hoods, and I don't do well with the requisite ice cream headaches the next season features.  I'm done for the year.  Winter is settin' in.  It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Even the local dives leave no doubt of the season


I see signs 'o the times constantly.  I try to ignore but alas, not to be.  Closed, see you next year, open again in May, Seasons Greetings, Christmas sales, Winterfest of Lights.  I mean really. Hard to overlook. Once my season is over, I don't see the beach much.  Dream of it, catch the surf watch during storms, but even now the Hurricanes have passed, and most storms are outta the north, or west.  Days are too damn short!  Not a Winter Solstice fan at all.

   The night's beer was appropriate.  New Belgium's Snow Day Winter Ale, an American Black Ale weighing  in at 6.2% ABV and 55 IBUs.  Pours a deep dark brown, with a hoppy pine nose, tastes of light chocolate and roasted nutty malts.  The lacing clings picture perfect left behind following a finger and a half cream colored head. With a silky feel, this beer goes down sooooo smooooth.  Nice spot on winter warmer; all ya need is a fire.  Giving it a solid A.
"Hey look mister - we serve hard drinks in here for men who want 
to get drunk fast, and we don't need any characters around to give 
the joint 'atmosphere'.  Is that clear, or do I have to slip you my left 
for a convincer?"  - Nick, It's A Wonderful Life

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