Sunday, July 15, 2012

Good Stoke, No Horse$hit, notes from the Rogue

Waist, no waist.  7/15
   Ok, ok, ok. I was stoked about the day. Spending time surfin' with friends I hadn't seen in a awhile. Joking and riding each other about homes, jobs, children, the women in our lives...or lack there of. Gotta tell about this. my recently divorced buddy, Sean, excuse me, most recently divorced buddy ( there seem to be more and more) was telling me that in his endeavors there have been three types of women he's dealt with, too young, married and too ugly. I returned..."guess you're stuck with door number 3," had to be there. Anyway, time with friends is always valued. Not too many on that list and even fewer that surf. We met at approx 8am (that's 8:30 my time), on 45th street and surfed the knee to seldom waist. Did not match the surf report's "clean, waist high" report. even the morning low tide couldn't help this lame ass swell. Squeezed the juice outta of a couple of small time rights until ten when the Beach Patrol called us in...bastards. Friends...all about valued time with friends. Repeat mantra as needed.
   Off to Anthony's on 17th.  A local find. The absolute best scrapple, egg, and cheese sandwiches on the planet.  Scrapple, an Eastern Sho' delicacy. Made up of the best in scraps from the local swine slaughter house.  Niiice.  An lemme tell ya...Anthony's piles it on.  Seriously.  Good stuff.  Ready for what's next.

   Assateague. When the waves are crap in the OC, head to Assateague Island. The sandbar and beachhead shape usually lends to a better shape and sharper wave than in town. At about 75 to 100 yard out we are far enough out not to worry about kids or beach break. And depths that make for a more forgiving wave. Today, like piles left over from the locals, horse$hit. Waist to plus, and weak enough to make you work for it. For the few I caught I was workin.' Sean and Thom had the skills and the boards...a couple of eight and half plus logs. Made it look easy. Usually I hold my own on the seven four Shell... wider than the norm, floats well... but today not so much. As a southeast wind picked up in the mid afternoon it got even sloppier. Side note: Sean has a year round parking pass, I do not. Cost me $15...FIFTEEN FU#KING BUCKS!. Yeah, I's a 7 day pass...Still. So we were last two rides, if that's what you'd call 'em...about a buck. Sunday's funday. Today full of stoke, regardless.
Welcome to Assateague Island
The locals.
   Ended the journey at Burley Oak. Thom's dad joined us. More talk. More chop bustin'. More Stoke. A couple rounds before heading home. It's always nice to finish off a ride right. My session's cap was Burley's SummaRye. Poured a cloudy gold with a finger head. 6% ABV, 32 IBUs. A well balanced farmhouse saison rounded with enough hops to satisfy my bitterness requirements. Citrus and rye scent and smooth drinking. I gave this one an A...refreshing without being too heavy or strong. Niiiiice. (Thom...thanks for the tab.)
"I envy people who drink- at least they
know what to blame everything on."

                                          -Oscar Levant

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