Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Mush, notes from the Rogue

   With the exception of Monday the 16th (very sweet), July's surf has been reflective of the heat wave we've been scorched under.  Hard pressed to get it up past the waist. Lotta grunting.  Lotta work.  No worries, still think it's been better than in recent years. Even shore break has given up some nail biters before digging in the heals to exit the spent swell before it (and me) burst into a shower of foam on the beach.
Close to shore, 7/5


Left-hand squeeze, 7/12
Git a little, 7/26
   A posted first this month- got to cruise down to the beach for the first sesh in my new whip. A GMC Terrain. The T-Blazer was showing signs of giving up the ghost very soon. The motor went diesel (loud tap) and the transmission was slippin'. Literally, when I drove it in to trade it in I was running on 2nd and 3rd, no 1st, no drive. So when I tell you that despite the impending onset of payment anxiety, this truck gives me serious piece of mind I am on the level. Even the lineup onto the island didn't phase me.
No worries...

Landed in the whip, ready to rip...well sorta. 


   End of the month. I work in manufacturing so that means a heavy shipping push. Hot (upper 90's), busy weekend. Saturday evening was my best opportunity to grab a surf. Slight chance of thunderstorms, (30%- got lucky- didn't hit 'til I was on the way home), knee to thigh, supposedly semi-clean with SE onshore winds. 2 outta 3. Waves were mush, but I was able to squeeze a few rides outta the blenderized swell. The high tide gave me some runnin' room before it became too shallow. Water is nice- sitting in 77F with warm summer breezes makes for a nice night; melts the outside stresses away.
No stress summer mush, 7/28


   The perfect close to said summer session is Heavy Seas Sea Nymph Summer Ale, a lightly hopped Blonde that lends to a crisp herbal finish perfect for the dog days. 4.5% ABV. Soft orange-lemon flavor made smooth with a clean malt balance. Poured a hazy pale gold that cleared as it sat. One finger white head, light lace. Not what I call bold (15 IBUs), but very easy drinkin'. I gave it a B+.
"I've never been drunk, but often I've
been over served."
-George Goebel

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