Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rocky Mountain High Pt.2 -Breckenridge, notes from the Rogue

Breckenridge, CO 6/28
   With a base altitude of 9600 ft., and a peak of 12998 ft. Breckenridge is one of my favorite towns in the Colorado Rockies. Picturesque and full of history AND a Brewpub. How can you go wrong? We've been here twice and each time makes me yearn for more, even a taste of the winter side. I've skied, but never snowboarded. Love to learn it here. This place would make for some serious jammin' in a sport that so closely resembles surfing. For the present, we took in the summer stoke and though the rain followed us this ol' mining town is still a hot place even with the cool mountain temps.
For the record...the entire state IS NOT on fire!
Rains move in
Jake checks Breck Bowl, 6/26

Knocked back a few of these!
   Obviously, gotta do a Breck brew. Breckenridge Brewery's Pandora's Bock is more malt with a light hop to round it out.  Definitely will not throw a shark bite on you at only 16 IBUs, but the 7.5% alcohol content will sneak up on ya just as fast. Nice caramel-coffee scent with traces of chocolate as it goes down. Slight sweetness on the tongue. Pours a dark crimson with a 1 finger head. An average bock and though I'm not big on them this wasn't bad. A leftover from the spring, I gave it a B-.
"You've got yoga, honey. I've got beer.
You got overpriced. And I got weird."
-Billy Joel

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