Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rocky Mountain High- Horses, Mines and Beers In Between, notes from the Rogue

Sunset in the Rockies, 6/26

 Like I've eluded to, this area is extreme.  Extreme sights.  Extreme history.  Extreme extremes in weather.  Plenty food.  Plenty beer.  Plenty outdoor sports.  We visited a couple of the mining towns. We did a few breweries, including Coors.  It was the 2nd most consumed cooler next to Gatorade, (lots of Gatorade!).  And there was the Mustang Ranch...more aptly named "Ladybug  Ranch" after the sentinel of Lisa's family, the ladybug... in memory of Lisa's grandmother/Aunt's mother. A sweet little furlough.
Frisco, 6/26
Georgetown, Co Mine, 6/26

Silver Plume, 6/28

Ready for a safari.  That's right! Vintage board tied to a vintage camper,
hitched to a vintage a mining town.

A pub, a fish, brew tanks and a tiki bar...Pug Ryan's Brewery

The Mustang ranch. 6/28


the Posse (Shiloe, Taz, and Kahlua)...the Rebel (Tahoe)

Jessica, the Fireworks Tourament

The Coors tour, Golden, CO. 7/1

   Included a cool video shot of my last ride down the Alpine Slide in Golden.  Not what I call extreme, but fun.  Can be enjoyed while drinking one of these two Coors specialty beers (micro brews if it wasn't big industry Coors).  Not really.  Neither are easy to acquire.  
   Colorado Native Lager is 5.5% ABV and 26 IBUs, pours a clear amber with a 1 finger head. Smooooth, with a light hop bite in the finish.  Downside of this brew...only in Colorado.  Sucks, don't it. A B'er...could be better if I could experience it more often.
   Batch 19, a pre-prohibition style lager (1916 in CO folks), that had a slight sweet taste that did not last.  Pours a dark gold with a 1 finger head. Light hops that balance the strong malt base.  A fair beer...kinda like a Sam Adams.  A gave this one a B-. Above average, but not by much.  Still in limited distribution market.  On a last note for Coors.  Nice tour, self guided. You did not feel rushed...and we were the last group of the day. 

All in all...another very memorable Colorado vacation!

"If I had to live my life over, I'd
live over a saloon."

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