Sunday, October 21, 2012

Flippin' Out, notes from the Rogue

Clean and green, 10/21


   Bee-U-Tee-Full day.  Low tide... still headed out.  Glassy thigh to occasional waist high rollers. Water is now in the low 60's and yes, I'm wearin' the full 3/2.  I hate that old rubber suit.  It binds me, takes away feeling, gets heavy, slows me down, fu#ks up my stance.  But for a few quick slashes left and right, I spent most of my night flippin' out.  Burying the nose of the board.  Board flips up.  I flip forward.  Twisting my body as I hit the water.  Instantly covering up with my arms and hands to avoid an errant board on the head.  Lost my groove this afternoon.  Even found myself waiting for the next set thinking "not havin' fun."  Can't surf that way.  And I need a full suit to surf these water temps.  It's been seven years.  Time to trade up.

   Night ends on a good note though.  Southern Tier's Pumking, Imperial Pumpkin Ale. Clear burnt-orange pour with a less than finger light tan head.  Good carbonation, good lacing.  This went down very smooth without tasting too boozy considering the 8.6% ABV.  Flavors of pumpkin pie spices and caramel came through, but was not overly sweet.  Both nutmeg and vanilla come through in the smell as you're tipping to drink. Overall this brew was a nice contrast to my performance earlier.  Not bad hopping (a rumored 39 IBUs) but I couldn't tell if it was the hops or the alcohol that provided the snap in the finish.  I rated this year's offering a B+.
In the spirit of All Hallows Eve, 
an ode to Pu'ca, the shape shifter
of Celtic lore who would waylay
travelers throughout the night
by throwing them on it's back
and giving them the ride of 
their lives.
                          -Southern Tier Brewing

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