Monday, October 1, 2012

Summer Done. The 2nd Season Rules, notes from the Rogue

Ahhh, to be cleeeean, 9/30
  Checked out the report before I left.  Tide coming in, off shore winds about 10kts. Water still hangin' at 70F.  Clean. Waist high.  For the second week in a row I hit the surf from thirty-five miles out and this time I get the opposite of last week.  Last week the height was right chest to head, but far from clean.  This week very clean, but waist high? Hardly.  'Bout knee to thigh. Very clean, but tough to catch without hittin' the shallows.  Alright, I'm done whining.
Hear it?  It's callin'.  Git out there! 9/30

   Able to carve quite a few, especially as the tide began coming in.  Mostly frontsides.  I'll take it.  My backside sucks.  A seriously awesome evening.  Tons of quick rides,  even a few cruises dragging fingertips through short, deep, translucent green walls.  And the sign to the evening's end...the rise of a glowing amber-orange Harvest Moon.  Summer is done. Our second season now rules!


   The evenings taste was Flying Dog Brewery's The Fear, Imperial Pumpkin Ale. The only real fear I had was running up on the beach.  Turned out, on one of my last "step-offs" into knee deep sauce, as I finished a ride, I stepped off toward the beach and the next wave flipped the board into my right knee.  Most of my pain and fear occurred as I examined the resulting pressure ding (more like a serious dent).  Off-season repair. But I digress.  The Fear poured a dark reddish brown with a less than finger fluff of head. Light pumpkin in the finish, but plenty of cinnamon and nutmeg in the smell and swig. Carbonation was fair.  Strong alcohol warmth in the finish, with more spice than bite. Put it to ya this way, more hype than hop. I'd still have another.  I rated it a B-. Cool label though.
"Why is there only one time of year...
when we embrace THE FEAR?"
 -Flying Dog

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