Saturday, October 6, 2012

Weeknight Smoothies, notes from the Rogue

Green Glass, 10/4
    Been watching the weather forecast.  It is looking like our run of 80+ days are coming to an end.  Weekend is looking surfless.  Sunny, warm Saturday with ankle highs, then the drop hits on Sunday; windy, rain, mid-fifties, and mushy.  Hope it doesn't stay low.  When those cooler nighttime temps hit, Mother Ocean's touch will start ta chill ya.
Earlier sunsets make for short sessions, 10/4

   Not tonight though.  Low tide, and some thigh to waist, walls glistening in the sunset like reflective green glass.  Very clean swell.  Water in the seventies (went out to get it while it lasts).  Light off-shore winds.  Juiced my share of evening smoothies despite the fading light of another early autumn sunset.  Had dinner with my buddy Tom, and stopped to check the jacked cars in town (it was Cruiser Weekend).  Absolutely sweet night.  Complete stoke.

Endless Summer Cruisers- October coupes.

  An original brew of the evening, Newcastle Werewolf from the Caledonian Brewing Company.  This is one of the few beers I've ever had that tastes better a little warmer. I.E. cold vs. ice cold...and I usually like my beer ice cold.  So this was different.  As it is import,er, escaped from Great Britain it is considered an Irish Red, though Newcastle calls it a Blood Red Ale.  I like that better myself.  Not a Red Ale fan, but this one had a noticeable hop bite that gave it a unique taste for a Red.  So you got the beginning smell of roasted malt and taste of spicy rye that melds into a light citrus hop finish. Poured an amber- red with a thin tan head; good carbination, fair lacing.  4.5% ABV and 24 IBUs makes this an obvious appeal to the masses.  I rated it a B-/C+.  Not great, but better than expected.
"A hangover is when you open your eyes
 in the morning and wish you hadn't."

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