Sunday, May 3, 2015

Still Waiting, notes from the Rogue.

No crowds yet, but they'll be here soon enough.  34th street break, 4/23/2015.

Clean and waist and...cold. 4/23/2015

   Patience is not my virtue. Been checking the surf reports pretty much daily and the water just seems to hover between 48 and 49F. Did a surf check with my fiance last week. Air around fifty degrees and blowing off shore. Made for some semi clean waisty's. This week... still windy and in the mid-50's. On-shores made the waist surf sectioned and disorganized. Water was about 48 degrees. So, what am I missing? The stoke of the ride! Don't care about conditions at this point. Just wanna get wet. I'm still waiting.
No organization. Where's my spreadsheet? 38th Street/Castles. 5/2/2015

Bikes to the Beach weekend. 5/2/2015

   Couple 'o Spring brews to calm the beast and promote the anticipation. Dogfish Head's Namaste at 4.8% ABV, and 20 IBUs is an easy drinkin' Belgian style witbier. Full of orange and lemongrass aromas. Also brewed with coriander and peppercorns which can be tasted from sip one. Really liked this one and the the next, and the next. Clear, pale-yellow pour with a one finger head. Sam Calagione was stoked to brew it and I am stoked to drink it and rate it an A-.
"Women, can't live with 'em; pass 
the beer nuts."    -Norm Peterson
Ophelia's attraction for me was the not overpowering hop overtones (23 IBUs) combined with the refreshing lemon/mango scents of this Pale Wheat Ale. Poured an unfiltered, cloudy, light orange with a one finger white head. Breckenridge Brewery put together a nice combo of mango citrus with a fresh bitter hop bite in the finish. 5% ABV. Rated a B+.

Yeah, I'm proud!

7 months old.  First time to the beach....ya see where
 her attention is don't 'cha? Pure stoke.  -April 2015.

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