Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bad Sesh- Nice Pics, notes from the Rogue

Duck! 6/7


Section anyone? 
   Thursday, a serious session interruptus; thunderstorm hauls ass through the territory enough to shorten my water time...not that what was left amounted to much...mid-low tide, 15mph off-shores, knee to thigh left-overs.  65F water though...rubber top with it!
Late cleaning.

Getting a lil' bit, 6/7
   Sunday- hot, humid, and amidst truck problems gettin' down there, shit waves.  The on-line report rang true this time around: trace ankle high.  Low tide doesn't help.  In water for short time (very 15-20 min short) before calling it a day on account of no push on anything that remotely resembled a wave.
  Got some nice pictures though.
How much?  Squat!  6/10

To catch a June-Bug
  The latest offering is Burley Oak's Assawoman Amber, a 74 IBU IPAish deep mahogany ale that measures  6.9% on the ABV scale.  Yeah, Burley stays true to it's motto, "Small batches- Big beers" with this one.  Pours cloudy with an off white one finger head.  You definitely smell the Cascades in this one, not quite the piney citrus nose I like in an IPA, and it does not have the bitterness the IBUs would indicate. Decent bite with a hint of malt in the finish.  The brewery is full throttle...always give 'em an A.  Love the name...after our aptly named bay, the "Big" Assawoman!  I give this a B+.
"Give me a woman who loves beer, 
and I will conquer the world."
-Kaiser Wilhelm II

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