Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Surf, notes from the Rogue

Clean onshores, 6/3
   With onshore winds blowing 10-15mph, and the tide coming in (low tide at 1pm), this afternoons surf was clean but small.  Knee to thigh with an rare waist set from time to time.  Finally able to hit it with a long sleeve rubber top and trunks and deal.  Water is finally in the rising 60's.  The wind didn't help none, but it was very pleasant.  Forced into a few backsides by the lineup.  Really need work here.  Frontside takeoffs coming easier with less rubber.  Line-up was me and a couple of other dudes until about midway thru (4pm), when it seemed the day shift let out and the lineup increased 4x. Did I mention this was a "surf designated" area (began Memorial Day weekend)...22nd street...the Stowaway Grand Hotel.  So, as the lineup grows, so does the competition for waves.  Summertime in the OC.
  On the drive home I picked up a new chair courtesy of my son...moved out of his Ocean Pines residence to take root in Baltimore with his girlfriend.  A mini life guard stand complete with umbrella.  Able to squeeze it on my deck. Not bad.
Just add brew.

   This afternoon's ware was an offering from Maui Brewing Company- La Perouse White, a hazy straw-gold witbier inspired by the surf sanctuary of La Perouse Bay in Maui which tends to get Big in the Summer.  Pours cloudy with little lace but a big 2 finger white head.  Does just what a witbier is meant to do, refreshes.  Bubbly and light at 5.2% ABV but low on the IBUs at 12.  Not much of the expected orange or lemon zest, but still evenhanded with the coriander.  Nice touch. I could certainly throw back a few more after a surf  like today's...or cuttin' the grass.  Gave this one a B (picture includes a glass from a Jacksonville Brew Pub I visited a few years back).
                "We're wanted men, we'll strike again, 
                but first let's have a beer."
                                                          -Jimmy Buffett

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