Friday, June 1, 2012

Time To Strip, notes from the Rogue

   So hard to work thru trashy surf in a full suit.  Work is what it is too.  Constant shifting to find the point. A wall that sections right in front of ya...while you're pullin' in from the bottom.  Frustration.  And guess what- no matter how much you cuss the Atlantic, you're the one who will have to work for it. Getting down to the beach once a week don't help none...still my problem.
Lotta foamie finishes, 5/24


   This week it has warmed, waters in the mid-60s, Air in the upper 70s.  Swell still kinda small yesterday at knee to thigh, and high tide flattened it further into the evening. But now it's time to strip.  Was in a shortie...and by next week, I'll be workin' on less rubber than that. Mobility baby, and more time.  Gonna hit it on the weekend at some point.  Hell with quality, I desperately need quantity right now.
Knee maybe, but warmer color.  5/31

   This post's beer brews locally "16 miles from anywhere," in Georgetown, DE. Old Court Ale is named for the Sussex County Courthouse located in said township; an American Pale Ale that has light aromas of pine and hops.  Supposedly starts out with a sweet malt taste, though I wasn't feelin' it. Pours a dark amber. Decent carbonation, not great. Decent lacing, not great.  Light tan, one finger head.  Light hop bitterness in the aftertaste.  6.1% ABV, 28 IBUs...just did not feel as big as Pales usually do to me. Average at best, which is about like the surf as of late.  I rated this one a C.
"Milk is for babies.  When you grow up, 
you have to drink beer."
-Arnold Schwarzenegger

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