Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back To the Future- July 4th Week, Part 1...notes from the Rogue

The week of the 4th was filled with the surf, the Shore, and a few brews in between.  A few posts to backfill the details...
   My Italian Chicago Girl in for 10 days.  Psyched.  Celebrated after the landing at BWI, with a trip to a tiki bar right along the Narrows on Kent Island, MD. The Big Owl.

Lemme tell ya- the steamed shrimp and rock fish tacos are the way to go.  Fused with a nice summer brew, Old Dominion's Beach House Ale, and an Orange Crush, we loaded up and beelined it back to the 'Bury.
Beach House - A cloudy golden pilsner
that goes well with spice.  5.2% ABV, not
strong,  nice and crisp for the summer



   Two days later we hit the surf beach on 87th on the OC.  Stong currents, a rip, and 15-20kt. on-shore winds made for more walking than riding within the single block boundries. Sometimes it works.  Sometimes it don't.
Walk the walk, 6/29

We made it work.  We closed up shop about 4 and headed to the 45th Street Taphouse.  Lisa and I split an awesome fresh Tuna sandwich with house kimche and an order of Old BayWings.  Paired with a Redd's Apple Ale and Achor Steam's Summer Beer and a toast with Mr. Boh... surf sesh saved.  The week was still young.
Redd's Apple - 5% ABV, not as sweet, but still a cider.  
Anchor Summer- 4.2% ABV, light hop bite on the backside.
Everyone's got the cheese goin'.

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