Thursday, July 25, 2013

Comrades in Arms, notes from the Rogue

Next set up.  TR gets position, 7/24.
   Hard to beat surfin' with old surf  buddies.  Thom up from North Myrtle (Beach).   Not much offered up. Semi clean up front, chopped up in the end.  Still, the camaraderie that's been missed and stories of waves gone by, passed back 'n forth, make for plenty of stoke through this session.  Short week for him.  No morning surf this trip. Have to make up for it in a few.  Goin' down to catch a few with 'im in his hometown next month.
   Southern Tier's Live- a fine bottle-conditioned warm weather Pale offering at 5.5% ABV.  Live yeast.  Ok...  Pours a deep golden haze with hints of orange.  But not like a wit.  Drier, more like a kinda sweet biscuity taste as the malt goes.  Tangy, but with the hops (approx. 35 IBUs) to give it some balls!  Grapefruit on the tail end.  And that notorious pine of the four varieties of hops in the finish.  Like a Live concert of flavors.  I rated it a B+.  (I'd go back to a B+ concert!).
"Surfing's one of the few sports that you
 look ahead to see what's behind."
                                                 -Laird Hamilton

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